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It’s Sunday evening. I’m hanging out with Stef on our back porch and enjoying a gorgeous sunset.

We’re pretty much wrapped on chemo round one. We travel back to Jacksonville and start round 2 on Wednesday.

Thank you for allowing me to vent and heal while I’m on this journey. I find that writing and vlogging about this chapter in my life is very therapeutic. I hope by sharing this journey it somehow brings someone comfort or peace while they go through their own trials.

I’ve been asked quite a few questions lately, many of these questions I’ve asked myself. Here are some of the common questions tossed my way:

What is Chemotherapy?

According to the Mayo clinic (my hospital) Chemotherapy is a drug treatment that uses powerful chemicals to kill fast-growing cells in your body.

Chemotherapy is most often used to treat cancer, since cancer cells grow and multiply much more quickly than most cells in the body.

Chemotherapy is basically a series of meds, often referred to as a cocktail, that kills all fast growing cells in the body. Good and bad.

Does Chemo Hurt?

Yes and no. It’s not what I expected at all. I basically sat in a hospital bed for 8 hours as they fed various meds into my body. The actual process was easy up until the very end of the day. At some point my body became saturated and wanted no more. I started sweating and getting super hot. I started to have a panic attack. I thought I was going to vomit and die. Of course this was all remedied within minutes because my team at Mayo are legit cancer fighting ninjas.

Day 2 and 3 of chemo I just felt like garbage. Lots of pain from my cancer and no real appetite. Mind you during day 2 and 3 I have a pump running meds into my body 24/7.

After my 3 days of chemo, I generally felt like crap. It was difficult to text, chat, Skype, blog, edit etc. starting the evening of day 3, I’d spend every night vomiting like crazy. All night long. I could barely walk from the pain of vomiting for 6-8 hours. Yes I’m on pain meds and anti nausea meds but they aren’t working. Part of the process is dialing this in to meet my needs and kill my cancer. The team at Mayo is adding more meds and changing the amounts of others.

Real Talk: I’ve never cried or screamed ever in my life like I have in the last week. Crying isn’t the right word. Weeping maybe? What’s the correct word for sadness from such a place of pain and sorrow, so deep I’ve no real way to describe it? I was overcome by a wash of tears and screaming every time the pain would go from bad to worse. Imagine vomiting all night and then spending the rest of the day screaming from the pain. That was the reoccurring hell that was my first week of chemo. 

Let me give you a little baseline when it comes to me and pain. I’ve been in severe pain for my entire life, truly as long as I can remember. I have a high tolerance for pain and it takes a lot to bring me down. Chemo pain is worse than all of my other pain in life combined.

Do You Worry?

I suffer from anxiety and stress. I tend to live on the more panicky side in general. Not by choice, I do what I can to reduce stress but I’m generally hanging out in the worried column. When it comes to cancer the worries come from every direction. Fear of the unknown. I was way more scared of chemo than I should have been. I made it up to be this burning, flaming fire that coursed through my veins. It wasn’t like that. For the most part I slept during chemo. Every time I’ve been congested or had a headache or anything was out of the ordinary I would freak out. This is it. I’m done. It’s over.

I worry about a lot of things. I worry about chemo and what it’s doing to me. I worry about my cancer and what it’s doing to Stef. I worry about medical bills. I worry about my job. I worry about leaving Stef with a mess. I worry about wasting my life, not accomplishing my goals. I want to leave an impact, not a mess. 

Stefanie and I both work for the biggest entertainment company in the world. For me this is a dream gig. Working for a company that has been so crucial, so influential to both my personal and professional lives. Now the company, like most, is shut down. No projects. No work. I’m worried sick about no income and no work in the foreseeable future. I worry that I’ve lost my dream job working with truly incredible humans. I’m worried that I’m wracking up massive bills with no way of chipping away at them.

(Anyone out there looking for someone to edit video or do graphics, maybe cut your vlog for you? Hit me up. I need the work! Not joking. If you have work, I have medical bills to pay.)

Yes, the answer is I worry. Hellaworry. WorrySaurus. Worry is me.

What are the Side Effects of Chemo?

I’m told this is different for everyone. For me there are a handful of really wild side effects. Sensitivity to cold is a major thing. A cold soda can, an ice cube, even slightly below room temp water will send electric-like shocks through my body. This may be a tad bit of an overshare, but the toilet seat is so cold that it actually hurts. I suffer from such bouts of cold that it actually becomes painful. 

Another issue for me is vomiting. Uncontrollable, long time, painful vomiting. I’m barely eating as it is, so 90% of my vomiting is dry heaving and pain. I vomit every single day. The pain from vomiting is out of control.

I hate to be gross here but the meds cause major diarrhea, which for me causes more vomiting. So that’s a fun loop.

Fatigue is an issue, this is coupled with pain that can lead to depression. Working out, getting oxygen and fighting the fatigue is crucial. I’ve been trying to force myself to edit, write blogs, work out, etc. It’s easy to be tired. Especially when you’re up all night vomiting instead of sleeping.

Positivity is Key? You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me.

Kind of strange, but I’ve heard this quite a bit. People who believe being positive is a load of garbage. If you’ve ever seen our travel show, you know that Stef and I believe in seeking out the positive in every situation. We believe in light and love. Before the cancer journey, Stef and I had already been through some incredibly tough times and decided to try to be positive every day instead of being victims or living in the past.

When I was first diagnosed with cancer and my world was flipped upside down I became incredibly depressed. It was super easy to let go and embrace the darkness. Terrible thoughts creep in about just how easy it would be to take away all my pain right now. Instantly. Feelings of being alone. Feelings of my faith being tested. Feelings of the absence of all that is good in the world. I felt like I was watching my life from a third party perspective. I was just there. No joy. No love. Nothing. 

I’m here to tell you that positivity IS key. It’s critical to maintain a positive outlook or it will all fall apart. I was just talking with Stef this morning. From today forward, there are no longer any bad days. We can be sad. We can have a moment. But we cannot chalk up entire days as bad days. We can have a bad moment but must make the most and best out of every single second that we have. Remember what they used to tell you in little league? Walk it off.

Ever since Stefanie and I have adopted the no bad day rule, stress has minimized. We make more time for each other. Hugs are minutes now instead of seconds. We’re learning to be grateful for every minute that we have with each other. 

Accessing the Port.

Sounds like something nautical right? I wish. Perhaps something your IT department has to do. Nope. This is a device that they surgically install into your body so that you can draw blood, run an IV and meds, etc. without having to poke my veins each time. Well I’m here to say that it is super convenient having port access. In order to access the port, someone has to brush up on their Jack the Ripper skills and get stabby with it. No joke, my initial reaction was to grab the dude who just stabbed me and toss him around the room like a rag doll. It was THAT shocking. Thankfully they make numbing cream for this nonsense and the next round will be less shocking.

Next Up? Round 2.

This pretty much sums up round 1 of my chemo. We’ll be back in Jacksonville at the Mayo clinic for round 2 of my chemotherapy starting on Wednesday.

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  • Maryann

    March 30, 2020

    Just sent you a contribution via PayPal. I am a follower of Emma’s. Although I don’t know the two of you my heart goes out to you both. Hope you get the best outcome. Cherish this time together as these days none of us know how long we have. Figh5 the good fight you two! Love is an amazing healer!
    Maryann from Artisano Silks

  • Bonnie Bergstein

    March 30, 2020

    Stay strong & stay positive!! You are loved by so many people (me included) – so many people rooting for #SeanandStefStrong – although I know this is the hardest thing you’ve ever done!! Make sure to let your team know about the excessive vomiting – they’ll up your Zofran (maybe they can give you a script to get it by injection at home)!
    Fight the good fight 💜💜💜💜

  • March 30, 2020

    Thank you for sharing. We care about you two and if this helps, keep them coming. I’m not the only one who will read every single one! You got this! #loveup


  • Heather

    March 30, 2020

    Thank you for sharing your journey. You guys are in my prayers daily. Your decision to allow a bad moment but not let it be a bad day is both amazing and inspirational. Keep pushing and don’t lose faith. We love you both!!!!

  • Lois

    March 30, 2020

    I have been following you guys for about a year now and fallen in love with both of you. I am in my 70s so that qualifies me to adopt you both as my grand kids! Being a cancer survivor I can relate to some of the things you have posted here. My main 2 suggestions ( and you might have already done this ) is ask your Dr for medical marijuana pills. It is the ONLY thing that helped my vomiting..and they tried a lot with me. Also, your sense of taste and smell changes so radically. ( and your body stinks too). Find some lemon drops, or anything you enjoy, to suck on constantly and make sure not to cook ( or wear) anything stinky at all. It will help settle your system down. I know these are both small measures but every bit helps. I will be sending positive thoughts from CA every single day!

  • Jill Hahn

    March 30, 2020

    Thank you Sean for being “real” with us! I can’t imagine what you and Stef are going through but I pray for you every day. Hugs!

  • Susan

    March 31, 2020

    Thank you Sean for being so transparent. I love you and stef I know it sounds crazy but you guys are the best and make me want to be a better person ….much love to you both ❤️🙏❤️

  • March 31, 2020

    Thank you guys for sharing this heartfelt journey with all of us.
    I want you to know you are both in my prayers daily . I have watched your YouTube channel and just fell in love with you both!!
    Prayers for continued strength!!!

  • Ella Williams

    March 31, 2020

    Sean, thank you for sharing your story…the good, bad and ugly. You have been in my prayers since day 1 non-stop and you will continue to be in them. I want you to know that you have made an impact and difference in my life thru your live streams and vlogs. You and Stef have supported me when I finally opened up and shared my losses with you. You said travel was healing and thru your vlogs, you have allowed me to travel with you, and my emotional healing began. What you do matters and your work will live on longer than any of us will. People will find enjoyment, insight and healing for many years to come. I pray that your anxiety lessens and your pain subsides. Cancer is a beast, and it takes a lot to kill the beast. Hugs to you and Stef. I love you more than words can express.

  • David

    April 1, 2020

    Please get tested for genetic mutation. You may need less of the chemo.
    Stay strong. You will get through this.

  • Gert Dimonnay

    April 1, 2020

    I am praying for you. May Jesus Christ the Healer heals you of this terrible disease. Stay strong and fight the good fight. I love you both Sean and stef❤️


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