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Good Morning from the beautiful MSC Seaside. Today is a sea day and we are looking forward to spending the day enjoying all the Yacht Club has to offer.


Breakfast this morning was great. We had perfect eggs and perfect coffee. To sum it up, it was perfect (notice how I didn’t say amazing or awesome 🤣😉). The Yacht Club Restaurant was not crowded at all and we had the best view of the ocean, while we sipped our cappuccinos.

Captain’s Toast:

We finished our breakfast just in time for the Captain’s toast in the Top Sail Lounge (it was a very popular event so if you are looking for a seat, get there a few minutes early). It was a really nice event. There were canapes and champagne and the captain gave a nice welcome to everyone there.

We experienced this event on our last Seaside cruise and we were looking forward to meeting the Captain. However, we didn’t have that experience. The Captain gave his toast and then left. We were a little disappointed because we loved the “family” atmosphere we felt from Captain Massa but everyone is different. We did enjoy the champagne (cool tip – they had a fruit punch drink along with the champagne. We mixed them together and it was delightful. Stef tip: Drink a bit of your champagne first. I learned that the hard way 🤣).

Ship Exploration:

After the toast it was time to venture out into the ship. We still haven’t seen anything so it was definitely time. This ship is beautiful and we can’t wait to show you the official tour. My favorite part of the ship is the atrium. There are 3 decks that look down onto the main atrium. There was a crew demonstration going on when we walked by. A chef was making sushi and then bartenders came out and showcased some great flair bartending skills.

Oh yeah, I also can’t forget to mention the Swarovski staircases. Break out your crown and best princess wave because these stairs make you feel like royalty. I love walked down them.


Since we were out and about, we decided to stop in the Marketplace Buffet and grab a slice of pizza. If you want to have the best pizza at sea, this is the ship for you. There is a pizzaria on board and they have all different flavors. We had a chorizo slice and it was heavenly. Again, do not miss this if you find yourself on an MSC ship.

Snack Time:

You cannot possibly go hungry on this ship but you DEFINITELY will not be hungry in the Yacht Club. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks. We came back to the Top Sail Lounge and found a great assortment of snacks. There were veggies, olives, panna cotta, small little pies.

Sean really liked the olives but I didn’t care for the panna cotta or pie. It looked really pretty but it wasn’t to my taste.

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the Top Sail Lounge. We caught up on some work stuff and just enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of the lounge.

Dinner Time:

Tonight is elegant night. We enjoy formal nights because we like getting a bit dressy. It makes us feel all grown up and fancy.


I didn’t really enjoy any of the available appetizers but I was so happy when the server said he could make me a house salad. Of course I asked if I could have the fabulous Italian dressing that I had the night before. It was a wonderful salad. Again, nothing fancy about the salad but it was tasty (that dressing is the best).


I ordered the filet option available. It was really tasty. I didn’t know I like arugula with my steak but the flavors worked really well together. Sean ordered the vegetable risotto and it was wonderful. I liked it better than my steak (I ate so much of Sean’s, I should have ordered my own plate, haha).


Dessert was so great. We shared Tiramisu and vanilla gelato and both were fantastic. We still stand by the thought process that if it Italian, MSC does it best!

Super Bowl Party:

Something unique on this cruise is the Super Bowl is playing tonight. The Yacht Club had a really nice set up to watch the game on the Yacht Club pool deck. They had a TV screen showing the game, a great sound system and plenty of finger foods to satisfy all your snack needs.

It was really nice. All the butlers were on hand to bring you anything you needed. Drinks. Got it. Wings. Got those too. It was a unique and fun way to watch the big game.

Shoo, what a busy day. Time to catch some z’s.

Day 3 coming tomorrow 😊

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