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Today we are porting in Cozumel, Mexico. Sean and I do not like getting off the ship in Mexico. It is a personal preference and we have many reasons why we stay on the ship. One great perk of staying on a ship while in port, you pretty much have the entire ship to yourself. So today we are determined to enjoy all the areas of the ship that are typically crowded.

Spa Day:

One of our Yacht Club amenities is complimentary access to the Aurea Spa. Awesome. Can’t wait to get in there and relax it up.

MSC Seaside Aurea Spa:

The spa is wonderful on the Seaside and it’s really nice to have access thanks to the Yacht Club. Since we are in port, the spa was completely empty. Sean and I had the entire place to ourselves. Perfect. Time to explore all the stations that are available.

Thermal Pool:

First up we tried out the thermal pool and it was everything we could ask for. The pool was moderately warm (not hot but not cold). I really likes the seat on the sides. It is contoured and there are jets there for ultimate relaxation.

Sensory Showers:

Next up it was time to try out the sensory showers. There are around 5 different shower pods and they all have different experiences (make sure you try them all). The 2 pictures above were part of the cold experience. The coolest thing about the showers are the aromas. They all have different smells. Cinnamon, eucalyptus, and many more.

Hot Stone Loungers:

Slowing it down a bit, it was time to warm the back up on the hot stone loungers. There are only 3 in the thermal spa so hopefully other people are respectful to using the bed and then hopping up for others (for us, it didn’t matter about time because we were the only ones in there). The beds were ok. Not the warmest beds we have been on but a nice contour for any sore backs.

Snow Room:

Now that are backs are warmed up, time to check out the snow room. Yep, actual snow. And it was cold, cold, cold. I think we made it a total of 30 seconds, haha.

Outside Deck & Hot Tub:

Best way to unfreeze from the snow room is a visit to the outside sun deck and hot tub. We love this feature in the thermal spa. The deck is really large and I love how you can get some sun. The hot tub is small and would feel very crowded with more than 3 people but it’s nice for a couple.

Salt Room:

After the hot tub, we decided to try out the salt room. It’s really nice because it’s dark and they play music (they play music throughout the spa but I like the music in the salt room the best). You can really taste the salt in the salt room. Love that.

Geyser Kneip:

Saving the best for last, we tried out the geyser room. This room is an experience for sure. If you have seen our previous MSC vids, you saw how crazy this is. You basically stand on these pods and cold or hot water will shoot up from the ground. It’s really weird but great for video, lol.

Lunch Time:

Since we were already in bathing suits from the spa, we decided the try out the lunch options on the Yacht Club pool deck. One thing we didn’t know was they have made-to-order burgers and fries. So we ordered that and grabbed a salad. There were only a few people on the pool deck so we could sit anywhere we wanted. There is plenty of seating and lots of covered seating as well.

Our lunch was great. We loved the options on the pool deck. You seriously never have to leave the Yacht Club if you don’t want to.

Venchi Chocolate Bar:

After lunch we went down to check out the Venchi chocolate bar. We ordered two different chocolate martinis and wow, oh wow, they were so delicious. The most chocolatey thing ever. The drink called the the Chocolate Martini #2 was the best. It’s the one without whipped cream in the pick.

Dinner Time:

We enjoyed dinner so much at Butcher’s Cut the first time, we had to come back again.


Smoked tomato soup and shrimp cocktail. Both were fantastic!


NY sirloin (14 oz.). Great steak, cooked to perfection.


Strawberry and mango fruit sorbet. The best sorbet we have ever tasted. So good and the perfect ending to our meal. I love how light sorbet is and after that heavy meal, it was perfect.

We had such a great day today. We love having the ship to ourselves. We did get some bad news at the very end of the night. Our visit to Ocean Cay was cancelled due to wind and weather. We will be stopping at Nassau instead of going to the island. We are a little disappointed. Ocean Cay is the only private island we have yet to see. We have been to every other private destination and it would have been awesome to complete the set. Oh well, guess we will have to come back again.

Good night for tonight. Day 6 coming tomorrow….

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