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Hey friends! There’s lots of chatter about various cruise lines confiscating extension cords. It happened to us during our Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas cruise in February 2019. It’s looking like most if not all lines are moving towards this idea. So how do cruise passengers extend power? What are we supposed to do?

Cell phones, cameras, batteries, gimbals, fans, we all have devices that need to be charged or powered. Not all cabins have USB ports or enough USB ports to support the needs of everyone in the cabin.

How do Stef and I handle it all? We’ve got a GH5, 2 GoPros, a Pocket OSMO, a gimbal and a handful of batteries to support. For us it’s all about the Anker 60W 10-Port USB Wall Charger.

The Anker 10 Port USB Charger supports our Panasonic GH5, GoPro Hero 7 Black cameras, the Pocket OSMO, the Zhiyun Crane, 2 iPhones and a myriad of battery chargers.

Our Anker 10 Port USB Charger has been around the world with us. 12 Cruises and hundreds of conventions and still going strong.

The Anker 10 port USB charger handles everything we throw at it and it doesn’t violate current Cruise Line policies. Most devices we use from phones to tablets, readers, battery chargers, etc. are USB powered now. No need for outlets or long cables. If you want to put your phone by the bed or power a fan and there aren’t any outlets to do it, you can also buy long USB cable extenders like these:

This USB extension is long enough to run across most cabins.

Another option for USB extension is simply long USB cables. These 10 Feet Long Micro USB to USB 2.0 Cables go everywhere with us.

These Micro USB to USB 2.0 Cables are 10 feet long. Absolutely helpful in a standard cabin.

Perhaps you need more than one device connected to your long USB extender? Check out this Anker 4 Port USB HUB. You could power your phones and a fan or other device:

This Anker Hub allows you to take your USB extender and add up to 4 devices to it.

We have and use these devices worldwide. If you’re a Travel Filmmaker or Vlogger like us or you just want charging flexibility during your next cruise, give these devices and cables a shot. It could remove the stress of needing or wanting a power extension cable.

If you need a power cable for health reasons, like a CPAP machine for example, please contact your Travel Agent or cruise line to see what their policies are. Most cruise lines will provide a cable for people in medical need. Please contact and make arrangements when necessary.

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