>  Cruise Vlogs   >  Carnival Cruise Line Today is disembarkation day on the beautiful Carnival Breeze. Sean and Stef say one last goodbye to their amazing cove balcony and then do express walk off. It took less than 10 minutes to get off the Carnival Breeze. After a quick disembarkation it's time for Sean and Stef to drive home and meet up with their gato family. Such a fantastic cruise on the Carnival Breeze! It's Day 07 of their Carnival Breeze Caribbean Cruise and Sean and Stef are at sea, sailing back to Port Canaveral. Their final sea day on the Carnival Breeze starts with the world famous Carnival SeaDay Brunch. After the best brunch ever, Sean and Stef visit the Alchemy Bar for amazing craft cocktails and trivia in the Ocean Plaza. Sean and Stef then head back to their cabin where they pack up their belongings and get ready for the evening. Their last evening on the Carnival Breeze is at the Fahrenheit Steakhouse, an incredible specialty dining restaurant. After the best meal ever it's live music time in the Ocean Plaza and then back to the cabin for some great storm watching on their cove balcony. A fantastic last day on a fantastic ship. Sean and Stef loved every second of their Caribbean cruise on the amazing Carnival Breeze. It's Day 06 of Sean and Stef's Carnival Breeze Cruise and today they port in Grand Turk. After a quick breakfast and delicious coffee at the Ocean Plaza, it's off to port for the Ultimate Snorkeling Adventure. After getting off the ship, Sean and Stef hop on to a boat for a several hour tour of Grand Turk. This tour includes two snorkel stops, the Horseshoe Reef and Round Cay. After seeing some amazing reefs, a massive shelf and some gorgeous sea life, it's a 15 minute boat ride back to the beach and a leisurely stroll back to the Carnival Breeze. After a fantastic day of snorkeling at the Ultimate Snorkeling Adventure, Sean and Stef head up to Deck 10 on the Carnival Breeze for some lunch. Today lunch is at the world famous Guy's Burger Joint for the best burgers on the planet. After sailing away from Grand Turk and changing into dinner attire for the second elegant night of the cruise, it's off to Cucina Del Capitano for the best Italian food at sea! What better way to finish an amazing meal than with equally amazing drinks at the Alchemy Bar. After the best cocktails ever, it's off to the Ovation Theater for Flick. A fantastic stage show that you just have to see. After Flick it's off the Alchemy Bar for a night cap and then back down to the Breeze Atrium for a fun dance party. What a fantastic day on the Carnival Breeze! It's Day 05 of their Carnival Breeze Caribbean Cruise and Sean and Stef are in San Juan. First a breakfast in the Lido Marketplace buffet and then off to San Juan to explore the beautiful city and find the gorgeous umbrellas of Fortaleza Street. After that it's delicious coffee at the Mallorca Restaurant and back to the Carnival Breeze. After they return to the ship, Sean and Stef go to the Breeze bar and sample the Halloween Spooky Seasonal Creations. Sean ordered a Witches Brew and Stef ordered a Green Goblin. After the amazing Halloween cocktails, Sean and Stef head up to deck 10 for a quick lunch at Guy's Burger Joint. After lunch it's time to return to the cabin to get ready for the Carnival Frightfully Fun Halloween Party. Once Sean and Stef put on their costumes, they go to the Alchemy Bar for fantastic pre-Halloween party cocktails. Then it's to the Atrium where Cruise Director Schwartz starts off the party. After dancing and cocktails it's back up to deck 10 for the Frightfully Fun costume contest. So much fun! Quite possibly the most fun Halloween yet, Sean and Stef loved every minute of their day on the Carnival Breeze. It's Day 04 on their Carnival Breeze Caribbean Cruise and Sean and Stef are in St. Thomas. After a quick breakfast in the Blush Restaurant, Sean and Stef head out to port in St. Thomas. They explore the port for a while and find themselves back on the ship. Once back on the Carnival Breeze, Sean and Stef decide to make it a "ship day fun day" and explore everything the Breeze has to offer. Sean and Stef's Ship Day Fun Day starts with lunch at the Amazing Blue Iguana Cantina, which includes a stop at the Blue Iguana Tequila Bar for the most delicious drinks ever. A quick visit to the Red Frog Rum bar and then it's off to a secluded hot tub on the Lanai on Deck 5. After the hot tub it's off to the Warehouse Arcade where Sean and Stef compete in an all out grudge match including such events as Lugi's Vacuum things, some random ball game, ghost busting, , skill crane games, cannon wielding pirates and of course the ultimate rivalry - PacMan Smash. Stef wins, obviously. After the warehouse arcade it's time to change and go to their first ever Carnival Dive In Movie. First it's a stop at the Alchemy Bar for some truly amazing craft cocktails. After the best drinks on the planet, it's time for the Carnival Dive In Movie. Tonight's feature is Transylvania 3. Sean and Stef are watching a movie about cruising, while on a cruise ship cruising. That has to be an unlock achievement moment. After the movie and popcorn on the pool deck it's time for dinner at the Fahrenheit Steakhouse. After an amazing dinner it's time for desert and that means the world famous Art at Your Table. It tastes as good as it looks! After the best dinner ever it's time for a night cap at the Alchemy Bar. A truly fantastic day on a truly fantastic ship. So much fun had on the Carnival Breeze. Check out our other trip to St. Thomas, including the 99 Steps: It's Day 03 of their Carnival Breeze Cruise and Sean and Stef are in Amber Cove. After a quick breakfast, Sean and Stef meet the Carnival Shore Excursion crew in the Sapphire restaurant and leave the ship with their tour group. A quick 40 minute bus ride later and Sean and Stef arrive at the Outback Terracross Adventure in the Dominican Republic. Sean and Stef's dune buggy adventures start off road, through towns, in small forests and more off roading. They take a short break where the Outback Safari Tour Guide climbs a tree and grabs fresh coconuts for the tour. After the best coconut ever, it's time for more dirty, dusty fun driving the dune buggy all over farm land and other remote areas. Lots of cattle and ranchers everywhere. The second stop is at a small lake where you can swim or just chill. Sean and Stef opt to stay dry but get to sample the best mangoes on the planet. After relaxing by the water it's time to jump back in the buggies for the last ride back to the Outback Safari Adventures. There Sean and Stef were given delicious drinks and cheered the tour guides. After the toast it's back on the bus to the Carnival Breeze at port in Amber Cove. After their fun filled day at the Outback Terracross Adventure, Sean and Stef have pre-dinner cocktails at the unbelievable Alchemy Bar followed by the best Italian dinner ever at Cucina Del Capitano. After that it's a slow stroll through the ship and back to the cabin, ready for another day on board the amazing Carnival Breeze.