>  Cruise Vlogs   >  Celebrity Cruises Sadly it's Sean and Stef's last day on the Celebrity Equinox, BOOO!!!! But, it's a fun ship with lots of unique experiences and Sean and Stef intend to make the most out of their last day on the Equinox. Today includes picking up their glass tumblers from Hollywood Hot Glass, packing, writing thank you notes for crew, an amazing martini flight and Sean and Stef's first interaction with Absinthe, otherwise known as the Green Fairy. Of course the night ends with the most amazing meal at the most amazing restauran, that's right, dinner at Silk Harvest. This has been a vacation that Sean and Stef will never forget. Join Sean and Stef as they make the most out of an amazing sea day on board the Celebrity Equinox. Don't miss this cruise vlog! Sean and Stef make their own glass tumblers at the Hollywood Hot Glass Class and then they take a mixology class at the World Class Bar where Sean and Stef make their own drinks! So much fun! So much fun to be had on the beautiful Celebrity Equinox! After all the amazing fun, Sean and Stef try the Oceanview Cafe, the buffet, for dinner and drinks at the Martini bar. Cruise life on the Celebrity Equinox FTW.

Celebrity Equinox Cruise Vlog Day 05

Today we are in St. Maarten and we head out looking to explore downtown Phillipsburg. We had the best day. We checked out the beach, stopped at a local bar, had drinks with some amazing new friends and basically had the best day! We finished off the day singing Happy Birthday to the Equinox. Happy 9th Birthday Equinox!

Celebrity Equinox Cruise Vlog Day 03

Join Sean and Stef as they show you all around the Celebrity Equinox Cruise Ship. Sean and Stef show everything the Celebrity Equinox has to offer, including all of the pools, bars, restaurants, shops, the theater & casino, the lawn club & hot glass class, night clubs and so much more. Join us!